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Wet felted hat for everyday delights. This hat is handcrafted by myself and made of the finnish eco-friendly sheep's wool. This hat is only made to order. 

I am able to handmade from wool pet portraits using your own photograph. A good quality photograph is required for painting. The clearer the photograph helps a good result.   It is possible for me to do multiple pets in one item, select the desired number.

Take your head measurement like this: 

Please, mesure circumference of your head. Don't pull the tape too tightly, it's good if one finger is fitting under the tape. Measure 2 or 3 times to be accurate. 

Please contact me for details info(at)ellunhuopa.com  

155,00 €
In stock

You can order this hat in any colours you wish.


Please follow the washing instructions.  Do not use washing machine or tumble drier with your wool felt.