Custom Pet Brooch by ELLUNHUOPA
  • Custom Pet Brooch by ELLUNHUOPA
  • Costom pet brooch
  • Costom pet brooch
  • Costom pet brooch
  • Custom Pet Brooch by ELLUNHUOPA
  • Custom Pet Brooch by ELLUNHUOPA

Unique Needle felted dog brooch, made to order

I am happy to make any animal of your choice.
100% handmade, high quality, ECO-line, exclusive
One of my favorite materials to work is felt. Wool is fun and fantastic natural self-cleaning characteristic material to craft with and there is so much you can make! I am enjoying in a process of designing and making perfect product for each of you. 
I am able to handmade from wool dog brooch using your own photograph.I need some good quality photos from different angles. The clearer the photograph helps a good result. I try to capture the real appearance of the pet, its character and soul for your happiness.

95,00 €
In stock

So, I will make your dog brooch if you send pet photos from different angles to me. Felt brooch size is normaly about 7cm.

For making the order I need 3-4 weeks. When the felt work is ready I will send photo for you,  then I will post order to your address. 
This figure is not a children toy. Please take care to handle gently, don't pull its fibers.

I do my work to make your life more beautiful!
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